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Jute Bag Manufacturers

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Big Idea Jute company was founded in 2019 as exporter and manufacturer of Jute Bags and Cotton Bags. Today we are one of the most trusted and leading jute bag manufacturers and exporters in India. We provides 100% natural, eco-friendly and high quality jute products in India as well as other countries across the world. Our product range include Jute & Cotton Bags, Promotional Bags, Wine Bottle Bags, Multipurpose Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Fashion Bags, Jar Jute bag, Grocery bag, carry bag, lunch bag, Grow bag, beach bags, Tote bag, Goodie bag, yoga bag, laundry bag, Reusable bag, Jute pouches, jute pouches for branding, cosmetic jute pouch, Jewelry pouches, Drawstring bag, Jute bag for Branding & exhibitions, Jute bag for Events & conferences.

Jute Bag Manufacturers

Leading jute bag & cotton bags manufacturers / Exporters

We provide creative & ethical Eco-friendly jute Bags, cotton and juco bags. If you are thinking to replace your plastic bags with 100% natural jute bags, you can order directly from India with your own customized logo and brand name. We manufacture fully customised jute bags and export round the world. For cheaper shipping in UK, USA, Fairfax Va, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam & Netherlands, you should order minimum 10000 bags or a container for best pricing.

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